In Force
Convention on Early Notification of a Nuclear Accident 1991-02-11 Accession:1991-01-11
Convention on Assistance in the Case of a Nuclear Accident or Radiological Emergency 1991-02-11 Accession:1991-01-11
Convention on Nuclear Safety 1999-11-09 Accession: 1999-08-11
Revised Supplementary Agreement Concerning the provision of Thechnical Assistance by the IAEA (RSA) 1979-09-18 Signature: 1979-09-18
Third Agreement to Extend the 1987 Regional Co-operative Agreement and Training related to Nuclear Science and Technology (RCA) 2002-04-26 Acceptance: 2002-04-26
Application of safeguards in connection with the treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons 1984-08-06

Signature: 1980-07-05

Entered into Force: