The AERC held a seminar for its licence holders on the 26thof May 2015, to inform them of the new licencing procedure prepared according to the provisions of the Atomic Energy Act No. 40 of 2014.  

Chairman Prof. Prinath Dias gave an overview of the new Act.  He spoke about the history of the nuclear technology programme of Sri Lanka, the reasons for the new Act, the functions and the structure of the AERC and the salient features of the Act. 

Mr. H.L. Anil Ranjith, the Director of the AERC, gave a detailed description of the regulatory regime of the new Act.  He spoke about the licencing and inspection requirements, appeal procedures, safety and security of radioactive sources and other main regulatory functions.

Mr. T.H.S. Thenuwara, the Deputy Director of the AERC, provided the details of the procedures for notifications, assessments and licensing of practices.  His presentation included requirements for exemptions, requirements for notifications, licence applications and their structure and requirements for approval of plans.

A number of issues raised by the licencees was clarified during the discussion that followed the presentations.  76 licencees participated.