Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Regulatory Council (SLAERC) participated in the above exhibition by arranging a stall to provide knowledge for school children & public on nuclear technology and radiation protection. The SLAERC has arranged stalls at the following schools,

  1. Royal College, Polonnaruwa ( during 23rd – 24th Sept. 2016)
  2. Pindeniya vidyachakrawarthi Central College, Kegalle (during 21st -22nd Oct. 2016)
  3. St.Johne’s National College, Panadura (on 28th Oct. 2016)

In the SLAERC exhibition stalls, exhibits were displayed and posters were used to educate the school children & Public on activities conducted by the SLAERC.

Exhibits displayed at SLAERC stall included

  • Model of X-Ray facility
  • Model of measurements of radioactivity & shielding effects
  • Radiological emergency equipment
  • Instruments used for physical protection of high activity radioactive sources

During the exhibition at above schools, children were able to get knowledge on regulatory control programme established in Sri Lanka,measurement of radiation, radiation shieldings, x-ray machines and their safety features, use of measuring equipment in case of radiological emergencies and physical protection instruments used for security of high activity radioactive sources.

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