Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Regulatory Council (SLAERC) is planning to conduct the training course on above subject from 7th – 9th December 2016 at SLAERC.

Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Regulatory Council (SLAERC) is designated as the national warning point (NWP) and the national competent authority for responding to nuclear or radiological emergency that occur in or affect to Sri Lanka. Since there is no proper structure to coordinate among stakeholders for preparedness and respond to nuclear or radiological emergency, it was decided by the SLAERC to organize a training course on the above subject in collaboration with the Emergency Center (IEC) of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for all stakeholders whose coordination are paramount important for preparedness and response to a radiological or nuclear emergency.

The Purpose of this training is to;

  • Provide participants with information on emergency preparedness and response during radiological or nuclear emergency.
  • Provide details on how SLAERC coordinate with other relevant agencies during radiological emergency as a national warning point and the role of IAEA and their member states during emergency as per conventions of Early Notification of a Nuclear Accident and Assistance in the case of a Nuclear Accident or Radiological Emergency.
  • Establish the national response coordination group from representatives from all related technical agencies to be involved in preparedness and response during radiological emergency in Sri Lanka.

The training course will be held in SLAERC auditorium. It will consist of lectures and exercises which will be conducted by an IAEA expert and local lecturers.

Nominations have been requested from following institutes which are identified as supporting technical agencies to respond nuclear or radiological emergencies. The uses of category I radioactive source are also invited to participate in this training course.

Supporting technical agencies/First responders Category I radioactive source users
Disaster Management Center Sri Lanka Gamma Center
Disaster Prevention Unit, Ministry of Health Ansell Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd
Sri Lanka Police Dept. of Radiotherapy, Apeksha Hospital, Maharagama
Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Board Dept. of Radiotherapy, Teaching Hospital, Kandy
Fire Service Department CMC Dept. of Radiotherapy, Teaching Hospital, Anuradhapura
Sri Lankan Airline Ltd Dept. of Radiotherapy, Base Hospital, Tellippalai
Civil Aviation Authority
Airport & Aviation Services Sri Lanka Ltd
Department of Immigration and Emigration
Department of Import and Export Control
Department of Meteorology
National Water and Drainage Board
National Disaster Relief Service
Department of Civil Security
Sri Lanka Coast Guard
Board of Investment Sri Lanka